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Dreams Really Do Come True

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Last year at this time our store Colour Vine Boutique wasn't even a thought..

Hi Susie here. I'm 47 and I've been married for 31 years, so longer than I haven't. How did that happen?? I have 4 grown children that are married and at this point almost 8 grandchildren, 6 granddaughters and 2 grandsons. I feel for the boys... that's a lot of estrogen in one room when we are all together. Wow!! As I am writing this it just really hit me how much my life has changed over the years! If I’m honest it feels like a blur, did I really raise 4 kids and become a grandparent somehow??

More to come on that at a later date.

I have always loved fashion and helping

customers, I have worked in retail for years and always dreamed of owning my own women's clothing store one day..... But you know how dreams go , you don't actually ever really think they will come true unless you are in a fairy tale. However, as I began to seriously seek God about this dream in my heart and whether or not it was something He put there or something I just dreamed up?? I started to sense a strong leading that He wanted me to trust and take a leap of faith even though I knew nothing about the business end of owning my own store or even where to begin. I was terrified and so excited at the same time!! I began to allow myself to dream bigger and actually imagine myself physically working in a store and began researching everything I needed to know about how to find the clothes that I wanted to sell and the different things I wanted to introduce in making an ultimate shopping experience for my customers. What could I do to set myself apart from what already existed in the clothing retail industry? This is where it really got fun for me !!! I love the interaction with the customer and helping women feel great in what they are wearing.

......Rabbit trail.......

Okay I turned 43 and my body did a thing that I never expected!!! Within one year I put on 50 ponds while entering full blown menopause. I had heard that you can gain weight during menopause but I never imagined that I would gain more weight in this season of my life than when I was pregnant with 4 different pregnancies. I weigh more now than when I was pregnant . How ??? I wondered can this be happening? So naturally I had to fix this , this was not acceptable. So I began to work out more, do every horrible tasting cleanse that I came across, disciplined myself , pretty much punishing myself however I could. I was miserable to say the least and all the while exhausted!! Now looking back I see how this was an opportunity for me to grow.. I had never struggled with weight issues in my life and here I was so unhappy with this extra weight. This event in my life was so life changing for me. You see I learned so much during this season of my life. I have learned that fighting against what was happening to my body was not the answer.. All that discipline and extra workouts didn't actually work!! I really believe that God was using this season to teach me something. So I decided after exhausting myself first ...to surrender this to God and accept my new body and learn to love it just the way it is. (this was a process, it did not happen over night) In doing so I realized that I could really relate so much better to other women who were going through similar struggles and it just really helps me appreciate the struggle of finding clothes to fit on a not so called perfect body.. which I now know is no such thing! Every BODY has flaws and every BODY is beautiful!! I now get to help women find clothes for their body type and help them look and feel beautiful as my JOB!!

So I asked my sister Mary if she would want to take a leap of faith and venture into an into an online business with me? In 2017 my sister Mary and I started research on how to start an online business. In 2018 we wanted to try doing a Pop Up which is just going to a location and bringing our product for our locals to touch and feel and see in person for themselves. When searching for a location we came across this empty space that we now call Colour Vine Boutique. We decided to take another leap of faith and open a store front. As of march this year we will have been is this location for 1 year and we are loving being here. We have also brought on board 2 more of our sisters Tina And Helen. Tina does our book work and sooo much more!! And Helen is our social media gal and sooo much more . We get to work together and all pursue our different gifts and each one brings something great and unique to the table. I think we make a great team!! Doing what we love and living out our dreams together!!!

Dreams really do come true!!!

Till next time

remember, You were made wonderfully complex!

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