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Coconut Oil! 100% natural, derived from fresh, organic coconuts via a cold press process. Our Coconut Oil is of the highest quality, with many benefits. It quickly absorbs into your skin, making for easy application, and keeping your skin soft and moisturized. 


Available in
15ml Serum & Face Towel Set 
200ml with Bamboo Scoop & Face Towel Set

1 Face Towel per package in either white or sea green colour

Benefits and Uses: 
• Apply to skin as a natural moisturizer, excellent for Body, Face and Hands 
• Apply as a lip balm for soft moisturized lips 
• Use as a Make-up Remover 
• Use as a Hair Mask or Apply to Split Ends 
• Use as a Massage Oil


100% Natural, Virgin, Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil

If stored below 76 degree F or 25 degree C, oil will solidify.
If exposed to temperature above 76 F or 25 C, oil will liquefy.

Coconut Oil & Face Towel